EXCITEMENT Open Platform

for Textual Entailment


The EXCITEMENT Open Platform (EOP) is an open source software platform containing state-of-the-art algorithms for recognizing texual entailment relations:

given two text fragments, one named text and the other named hypothesis, the task consists in recognizing whether the hypothesis can be inferred from the text.

Written in Java, EOP is a main product of the project EXCITEMENT - EXploring Customer Interactions through Textual EntailMENT which is funded by the European Commission under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). EOP is designed to be efficient and extendable. Highlights include:

  • Separation between Linguistic Analysis Pipelines and Entailment Components
  • Supporting modularity and interoperability among Components
  • Java API with source code
  • Pre-trained multi-lingual models (i.e. English, German, Italian)
  • Trainable with new sample data
  • Detailed documentation to understand the structure and implementation of EOP
  • Quick Start documentation to start using EOP from now
  • Results and configuration files archive shared among users


The EXCITEMENT Open Platform (EOP) is released under the terms of General Public License (GPL) Version 3.

Code Distribution

We provide different distributions for users depending on the fact that they want to get the code as a Zip File, clone the code from the EOP GitHub central repository or they want to use the EOP Maven Artifacts. Users have access to the lastest code release by selecting the Lastest Release option at the right side menu. In contrast developers who want to contribute to the project should select the EOP GitHub Repository option from the menu.

Get Involved

EOP is developed by the members of the EXCITEMENT project and by volunteers and is always looking for new contributors to work on all parts of the project. Every contribution is welcome and can be anything from a small documentation typo fix to new components development and/or modifications of exiting ones. Before you start to contribute we suggest to join the following user and development mailing lists:

Support or Contact

To communicate with the people already involved with EOP in order to report bugs, suggestions or a personal interest in contributing to the project we are providing two different mailing lists:

  • Users: this list is the general users mailing list and is used for posting most relevant questions. If you are not sure of which list you should use, post here first. Subscribe by sending an e-mail to: eop-users+subscribe@googlegroups.com
  • Developers: this list is for development discussions like current issues, patch suggestions and to show interest in contributing to the platform. Subscribe by sending an e-mail to: eop-dev+subscribe@googlegroups.com


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